>Ian Dawson


>'Metalithic Postcards During the Pandemic' (2024)

>OST exhibition catalogue PDF (2023)

>Waste Work: The Art of Survival in Dharavi (2023)

>And Travelling Often In The Cut We Make (2023)

>Hard Times Exhibition Catalogue (PDF) 2022

>Diffracting Digital Images in the Making 2022

>Temporal Frankensteins and Legacy Images 2022

>Diffracting Digital Images 2022

> Towards a Virtual Art Archaeology 2021

>Skewed 2021

>Provenance Illusions and Elusive Paradata: When Archaeology and Art/Archaeological Practice Meets the Phygital 2021

>Track and Trace, and Other Collaborative Art/Archaeology Bubbles in the Phygital Pandemic 2021

>Images in the Making 2020

>Terminal Hut 2019

> Messy Assemblages, Residuality and Recursion within a Phygital Nexus, Epoiesen Journal 2019

>Do Not Touch? Conference, The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge UK, 2019

>Being Plastic, Art, Materiality and Representation Conference, British Museum 2018

>Fidget Doodling, House of Fairy Tales, Art Car Boot Fair, Vauxhall London 2017

>Objetos funerarios in MÁS ALLÁ DEL TEXTO Cultura digital y nuesvas epistemologías 2017

>Pictures Not Homes Symposium 2017

>Artist Boss 2016

>Then For Now (PDF) 2015

>The Wanderer's Nightsong II (PDF) 2015

>Digital imaging and prehistoric imagery: a new analysis of the Folkton Drums 2014

>Object Lessons 2014

>Miru Miru Mega Yokunaru (your eye sight will get better in a short rate of time) (PDF) 2014

>Lights Camera Action 2014

>Making Digital: Visual Approaches to the Digital Humanities 2013

>Armada (PDF) 2013

>Mutiny on the Bounty 2013

>Making Contemporary Sculpture 2012

>The Photosculptural Hypothesis 2012

>Two and a Half Dimensions (PDF) 2011

>Frieze 20th Anniversary Edition 2011

>Against Grids 2010

>Blind Handshake 2009

>Collage: Assembling Contemporary Art 2008

>There is a collar for the wild dog 2008

>Modern British Sculpture 2005

>Tilt Trucks and Free Fliers 2003

>Plastic Fantastic 2003

>Wonderland 2003