>Ian Dawson

Editor: Ileana Azor Hernández, Luisa Fernanda Grijalva Maza and Alfonso Adolfo Rodolfo Gómez Rossi 

Itaca / University of the Americas Puebla, 2017 
ISBN: 978-607-97448-6-1 
14 x 21 cm, 256 pp., $ 220

The aim of this book is to explore the new forms and cultural practices developed in the digital age that challenge or undermine the hegemonic modes of knowledge production historically related to the written text. It is therefore a question of revaluing non-textual strategies of production as mechanisms that open the possibility of articulating new modes of knowledge.

The authors of the essays gathered here consider that art-based research, digital communities and Open Access, expanded scripts, performance and multimedia digital interventions are strategies that challenge traditional conceptions of knowledge and at the same time are expanding The criteria beyond concepts strictly derived from the epistemology to inquire into the transformations of the formats of knowing and the specific conditions in which they are manifested in the information society.

These researches contribute to think of the ways in which knowledge is seeking and finding new ways even in the very bowels of hegemonic institutions; It is proposed that knowledge beyond the text as a hegemonic format should include both studies and theoretical and methodological paradigms through which social reality is interpreted and analyzed as well as its mobilization and activation in the face of hegemony; Is theorized on the dislocating effect in the traditional epistemology provoked by the digitization and the new means, and the impact of the new media and the digitalisation is studied not only in the daily social practice but in the traditional conceptions of the art.

Critical thinking

>BEYOND THE TEXT Digital culture and our epistemologies / MÁS ALLÁ DEL TEXTO Cultura digital y nuesvas epistemologías

> Contributing chapter: Ian Dawson and Louisa Minkin, Grave Goods / Objetos funerarios

> MÁS ALLÁ DEL TEXTO Cultura digital y nuesvas epistemologías, Itaca / University of the Americas Puebla, 2017