>Ian Dawson

Paperback: 191 pages
Publisher: Wunderkammer Press (19 July 2016)
ISBN-10: 0993551106
ISBN-13: 978-0993551109

Artist Boss presents a series of interviews with Anthony Caro's (1924-2013) studio assistants and critical essays that explore the role of artists' assistants to raise questions concerning the status of production, originality, authenticity, and authorship within the tradition of twentieth-century British sculpture. From varied backgrounds, the assistants' responses illustrate the different ways in which the evolution of sculptural language has been negotiated. They provide immediate access to artists' thought processes and an insight into the complexity of changing roles. Collectively they reflect and offer a range of perspectives on the frequently contentious and widely discussed role of the artist s assistant and modes of sculptural production. Contributors include: Anthony Caro, Guy Martin, James Wolfe (US), Willard Boepple (US), Andre Fauteux (Canada), John Gibbons, Jon Isherwood (US), Shaun Cassidy (US), Ian Dawson, Beth Cullen-Kerridge, Gavin Morris, Tim Peacock, Hywel Livingstone, Jonathan Gilderleeves, William Fausset, Patrick Cunningham, Olivia Bax, Neil Ayling & John Wallbank. Forewords by Tim Marlow and Karen Wilkin Essays by Jenny Dunseath and Mark Wilsher, Dr Michael Petry, Prof K P Cross and Sam Cornish

>Artist Boss by Jenny Dunseath (Author, Editor), Dr Mark Wilsher (Author, Editor)