>Ian Dawson

>C328 REMIX, 2022, 3d printed PLA, 170x100x100cm

>C328 REMIX, 2022, 3d printed PLA, 170x100x100cm, 

Exhibited in Patternicity, curated by John Walter and Christina Neiderberger, ASC Gallery London and Exeter Phoenix 2022 

This is part of the ongoing Metalithic series of sculptures which reimagines neolithic artefacts. Its continues Dawson's longstanding collaboration with Archaeological practice.

C328 refers to the British Museum accession number of small chalk object discovered in the Grimes Graves, a Neolithic Flint Mine in Norfolk. 

It was featured in the Making a Mark research project by the Archaeologists Andrew Meirion Jones and Marta Diaz-Gaurdamino who discovered four distinct layers of incision upon its surface.