>Ian Dawson

>Exquisite Trove_ House of Fairy Tales_ New Art Gallery Walsall_ 31.10.2009-10.01.2010

>Exquisite Trove_ House of Fairy Tales_ Newlyn Art Gallery_  23.07.2010- 02.10.2010

>Exquisite Trove is a collaboration between The House of Fairy Tales, The New Art Gallery Walsall and Newlyn Art Gallery. Inspired by cabinets of curiosities or Wunderkammer, this exhibition is an exploration of the human desire to collect, display and tell stories with objects and images. They reflect our personal histories and a fascination with the imagined lives of others.

The exhibition is an amalgamation of the House of Fairy Tales' touring collection of significant and treasured items from artists, and an eclectic selection of strange and wonderful objects loaned from 10 local museums. The combination of artwork, treasured possessions and museum artefacts provokes fascinating and intriguing interpretations.

Contributing artists: Frida Alvinzi, Richard Ballinger, Fiona Banner, Lydia Barnes, Peter Bond, Virginia Bounds, Florence Boyd, Tony Brennan, Clare Burgess, Rachel Cattle, Natasha Chambers, Paul Chaney, Cedric Christie, Toby Christian, Oliver Clegg, Angela Cockayne, ContainerPLUS, Tom Crawford, Deborah Curtis, Adam Dant, Ian Dawson, Jo Digger, Annabel Elgar, Gordon Faulds, FIELDCLUB, William Fontaine, Nancy Fouts, Jen Franklin, Naomi Frears, Dmitri Galitzine, Maria Teresa Gavazzi, Bert Gilbert, Rob Goodwin, Carolyn Gowdy, Anne Hardy, Andy Harper, Mark Hammond, Marcelle Hanselaar, Stuart Haygarth, Billy Haygarth-Manchot, Paul Hazelton, Alice Herrick, Kurt Jackson, Jimp, John Jones, John Keys, Josh Knowles, LEO, Jessie Leroy Smith, Dan Lobb, Amanda Lorens, Alastair Mackie, Otto Mama, Sam McEwen, Jeff McMillan, Damien Meade, Charlotte Mew, Angus Mill, B Minns, Cathy de Monchaux, Melanie Manchot, Amanda Moore, Annie Morris, Richard Niman, Lois Olmstead, Orly Orbach, Ged Quinn, Cornelia Parker, Hadrian Pigott, Raul Pina, Marlowe Chan-Reeves, Max Reeves, Abigail Reynolds, Steve Richards, Barbara Rosenthal, Paul Sakoilsky, Lindsay Sekulowicz, Colin Self, Tim Shaw, Jane Simpson, Alex Smirnoff, Rodrigo Soloranzo, David Spero, Tatiana de Stempel, Brigitte Stepputtis, Samantha Sweeting, Francis Thorburn, Blair Todd, Katherine Tulloh, Caesar Turk, Gavin Turk, Francis Upritchard, Raisa Veikkola, Julie Vermeille, Jessica Voorsanger, Daryl Waller, Kate Walters, Vivienne Westwood, Rupert White, Rachel Whiteread, Simon Willems, Viktor Wynd, Billy Wynter, Elliott Young, Yoke & Zoom.