>Ian Dawson

>Elbow_4.09.2014-04.10.2015_C&C Gallery London

>Press release_ In the summer of 2015 C&C Gallery hosted an innovative residency programme,  the gallery space was transformed into a dynamic studio environment to facilitate the production of artworks in response to ideas surrounding the condition of blindness. Eight artists engaged with a whole repertoire of processes, from casting to laser scanning, collaborating and sharing aspects of their practice, this lively experimental environment sought to ask questions in the broadest sense.
The merging of the gallery with the artist’s studio challenged the customary boundaries of these spaces and the interaction between these artists in residence and a space in constant evolution engaged the audience and in a sort of performance of the artist’s day by day life.
Elbow, the part of the body held by a blind person when gaining assistance, the linking point between the blind and the sighted, traces the results of the close cooperation between these eight artists.

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