>Ian Dawson

>Eat Me Drink Me_ Goss Michael Foundation_ Texas_ 22.04.2009-18.07.2009 

>Eat Me Drink Me_ Goss Michael Foundation

This whimsical line EAT ME DRINK ME is taken from Lewis Carrol’s iconic tale Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and has been the starting inspiration of a group show that proposes to transform the galleries into a place of reflection, introspection, and a cabinet of curiosities. This exhibition evokes the fascination in the history of art, and even more in today’s contemporary art of fairy-tales, fables, and folk-laws that can be traced back to Greco-Roman mythology in which they tried to use the supernatural to interpret natural events and to explain the nature of the universe. Combining painting, sculpture, and video in a 21st century palette, the GMF curatorial team introduces ten artists to this fascinating dialogue and attempts to make sense of humanity’s need for myth: Mat Collishaw, Matthew Darbyshire, Ian Dawson, Tracey Emin, James Hopkins, John Isaacs, Rachel Kneebone, Mark Titchner, Christian Ward, Gary Webb.