>Ian Dawson

>DRIVE THRU brought together the works of over 50 artists into a unique, unusual and evocative environment. Situated underneath Cavendish Square in Central London, the QPark underground car park is organised like a double helix, a spiral space of never ending curvature. Here, during Frieze week 2016 works by international artists could be seen either on foot or by car as a drive-thru experience. Evoking the world of JG Ballard: "Already, without touching her, he knew intimately the repertory of her body, its anthology of junctions. His eyes turned to the multi-storey car park beside the apartment blocks above the beach. Its inclined floors contained an operating formula for their passage through consciousness." The Atrocity Exhibition (1970).

>DRIVE THRU_ QPark Cavendish Square London_ 05.10.2016-09.10.2016