>Fused Filament Flints, polylactic acid, unique 3D prints 

   >Ian Dawson

>Fused Filament Flints 2020, Polylactic Acid. Unique 3D prints

Part of a collaborative project with the Archaeologist Dr Paul Reilly. During the spring and summer of 2020 Reilly had discovered a hoard of mesalithic flint tools in the area surrounding the historical priory of Mottisfont Abbey in southern England. This hoard of flint tools suggest that there was a significant chalk quarry in the region. Through regular conversations on digital communication platforms Reilly and Dawson developed a strong bond with these finds and developed an online photogrammetric data sharing method so that Dawson could recreate the hoard in his studio in London. These object were printed with new strata running through them- a technique that Dawson has been exploring whereby he interrupts the mechanical print process to delineate time. Dawson has titled the series 'meta lithic objects' as they amalgamate the tooling marks of flint knapping with that of the 3D printer, and bring together practices and traditions in object making separated by over six thousand years in time.